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Deadline: 30 August, 2020

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is looking for Technical Experts in agriculture to take part in short-term project consultancies in Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, Indonesia, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu.

This call for interest is open to nationals or residents of the above-listed countries. Consultants will be working in the country of his/her residency.

I. Duties

The consultant will take stock of project documents, participate in project meetings, interact with project staff and partners, and conduct field visits where possible to review achievements, issues and make recommendations. The consultant will work in collaboration with other team members and project counterparts to ensure evaluations and recommendations are well grounded and feasible.

Key tasks include:

  • Review progress of agronomic related activities against AWPB, agreed actions and overall targets; including outreach of agricultural activities and adoption rates of innovations, trends in agricultural productivity, farm income and environmental agricultural performance to identify potential issues and how project can meet productivity, income and other project targets.
  • Review and provide recommendations to increase the relevance and appropriateness of agricultural practices and technologies against their contribution to productivity, resilient income and climate adaptation environmental sustainability targets.
  • Conduct field visits to farmers and other stakeholders to review trends of adoptions of innovations for farmers, results in terms of yield, income and resilience; main constrains for uptake; including issues related to access to labour, land and water, cash, inputs, services and market.
  • Review technology transfer and other support services facilitating sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Review and identify recommendations to strengthen i) institutional framework and capacities to deliver agricultural activities including through service provider, farmer organizations and new / strengthened partnership ; ii) replication and scaling up potential; ii) proposed exit strategy to ensure farmers can have sustainable access to required inputs and services.
  • Contribute to analysis on social inclusion (particularly in relation to relevance of project activities for youth and women), sustainability and knowledge management.
  • Review how agricultural activities are monitored and documented and identify recommendations to enhance quality of data and documentations of agricultural innovations, considering both productivity, income, resilience and environmental benefits.
  • Identify and document innovations and lessons learnt regarding agricultural activities.

The consultant may at times be called upon to perform implementation support activities including capacity building and follow-up of specific tasks.

II. Eligibility

  • Advanced university degree from an accredited institution in in the field of specialization, e.g. Agriculture, Rural Development, Natural Resource Management, Environment, Economics etc.
  • At least 8 years progressively responsible experience in and demonstrated understanding of, development initiatives in the field of specialization.
  • Experience in more than one country is desirable.
  • Experience in international policy frameworks related to global environment, natural resource management and rural development is an asset.
  • Specific experience in one or more of the following: i) promotion of good agricultural practices, ii) developing innovations and extension approaches on sustainable agriculture, agro-ecology, or climate smart agriculture; iii) using innovative extension modalities (such as ICT4D innovations, pluralistic service provision, farmer-based extension and public private partnerships); iv) promoting sustainable agricultural through innovative landscape interventions (watershed, landscape) or market interventions (standards, ecosystem services etc.)
  • Experience in working in agriculture in small island contexts
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.


The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is an international financial institution and a specialized United Nations agency dedicated to eradicating rural poverty and hunger.

It does so by investing in rural people. IFAD finances programmes and projects that increase agricultural productivity and raise rural incomes, and advocates at the local, national and international level for policies that contribute to rural transformation.


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