Call for Abstract Submissions: IUFRO All-Division 5 Conference

Conferences Call for Abstract Submissions: IUFRO All-Division 5 Conference

Deadline: 08 August 2022

IUFRO is happy to announce that abstract submission for The IUFRO-DIV5 2023 Conference 2022 is now open. The conference will be held at the Cairns Convention Centre, 4 - 8 June 2023. All abstracts are to be submitted online.

​I. Abstract Guidelines

  • Abstracts submitted must be original and not presented or published elsewhere.
  • They should be no more than 250 words in length.
  • Submissions will need to be under one of the below session themes. 

S01: In-Forest Wood Quality Assessments: New Advances in Nondestructive Testing Technologies and Wood Property Modelling 

S02: Sensor networks for precision forestry 

S03: Round Wood Sorting and Grading Systems for an Efficient Use in the Wood Industry 

S04: Characterizing Forest Materials for Value-Added Wood Products 

S05: Wood protection systems for long term carbon storage 

S06: Termite management: hazard, detection and protection of materials/buildings 

S07: Natural durability of wood species: causes, classification, enhancement and utilization 

S08: Durable hardwood plantations: understanding an emerging resource 

S09: Global Timber Durability Research 

S10: Massive timber 

S11: New and emerging species for forest plantations 

S12: The Utilisation of Plantation Wood Meets Carbon Emission Reduction 

S13: Sustainable Supply and Value Chains of Quality Teakwood Products: Global Challenges and Opportunities  

S14: Biorefineries for bio-based products- a new paradigm of biomass utilization opportunities 

S15: Future pathways to forests, business and sustainability  

S16: Transiting to the bioeconomy: the contributions of non-timber forest products 

S17: Innovative Utilization of Bamboo and Rattan Resources 

S17: Credence attributes for wood products and forest services 

S18: Wood and Forest Cultural Heritage in Australia, including Aboriginal wood and forest culture 

S19: Outcomes from Forest Products Culture 

S20: IAWA-IUFRO Symposium: Promoting Data-Driven Methods for Species and Origin Identification of Forest Products 

S21: From Wood Anatomy to DNA: Species and Provenance Tracking for Modern and Archaeological Woods 

S22: Interdisciplinary wood identification approaches for supply chain transparency 

S23: General: Topics not covered in any other session

II. How to submit ?

Please click on this button  to complete your online submission.

Please email the conference secretariat at [email protected] or phone +61 7 5619 3851 if you have any questions.


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