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The Indian Administrative Fellowship (IAF) is a program that bridges the capacity gap by providing highly motivated and visionary civil servants in the Indian Administrative Service with a fellow on special duty (fellow) who can be chartered to strategise and execute on a critical developmental problem and tap into the full potential of public-private collaborations in that space.

The program calls for high achievers who have a relentless desire to act upon wicked problems plaguing the country to realize its full potential. A strong affinity for innovative practices to provide sustainable and scalable solutions through the power of administrative ecosystem.

I. Benefits

The Fellows shall have access to:

  • Platform to impact millions - An unparalleled opportunity to collaborate with the State leadership to enhance the reach and efficiency of State priorities.
  • Leadership Development Bootcamps - The Fellows shall be undergoing an extensive curriculum curated to build capacity for efficient comprehension, formulation, and execution of programs/projects.
  •  Expert Advice and Mentoring - The Fellows will be mentored and supported by leading public policy institutes, a pool of subject matter experts, industry leaders, and mentors.
  • Stipend - Each Fellow will receive a stipend of Rs. 12 lacs p.a. for the duration of the Fellowship.
  • Impact Showcase and Accreditation - There would be multiple instances during the course of the Fellowship where the Fellow's contribution would be highlighted across media & case studies. There would also be a ceremony featuring senior administrators, notable leaders from the development sector and other corporates with a formal accreditation by the government.

II. Eligibility

  • High performers from the private sector with 15+ years of achievement and capabilities in technological innovation, problem-solving, influencing, and leading large initiatives with successful outcomes.
  • A relentless drive to provide sustainable and scalable solutions for India's wicked problems through innovation, persistence, and alliance.
  • Since the role would involve correspondence in the local language, proficiency in the local language would be a distinct advantage.
  • Individuals with a high focus for impact and drive to own engagement & execution.

III. Application and selection process?

  • To apply please click HERE
  • The selection process would span across multiple interactions with The/Nudge team and partners including serving or retired senior IAS officers, and the final round will be with the Principal Secretaries with whom the Fellows would be working. 
  • The process eyes to spot high achievers who have the skill set and experience to lead large scale programs with a relentless grit, perseverance and humility to work in harmony with the state administration. 
  • For queries, please email us at [email protected]

IV. About Indian Administrative Fellowship (IAF)

Indian Administrative Fellowship (IAF) is an 18-month program for high achievers from the private sector to impact millions of lives by extending the reach and efficiency of large-scale government programs under the guidance of visionary civil servants.

The program targets to provide a platform for senior professionals to partner with the administration for extensively strategizing and implementing current and envisaged programs for attaining sustained progress across state-level development indicators.

For more information on the program please, Click HERE

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